An Authentic place to live
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An Authentic place to live

Authentic lifestyle, breathtaking landscapes, endless natural beauties, historical and religious monuments, dense forests, picturesque villages, unique routes, rich gastronomy, warm people are a few of the features of the authentic and wild Region of Evrytania. In addition, some of the most important historical moments of the country have taken place in some the villages of Evrytania, leaving their indelible marks, just like the places commemorating them.

Karpenissi, the picturesque capital of Evrytania with the amazing alpine landscape, a fir forest unfolding in front of your eyes and with the snowy mount Velouchi overlooking the town. It is nestled on the southwestern slopes of Velouchi at an altitude of 960 meters surrounded by forests and high mountains, offering a unique experience full of tours, action, adventure and relaxation! The town is fairly characterised as “Switzerland of Greece”. However, unlike Switzerland, Karpenissi is not just a winter destination, as every season the natural beauties of the area are altered and showcased, accompanied by the different activities depending on the season.

The famous Velouchi ski resort is closest to a town than any other ski resort in Greece, as it is located just 10km from Karpenissi. It is a true experience for the lovers of ski, and everyone else! At an altitude of 2.315 meters, you will find 18 ski slopes constructed according to high standards and suitable for every grade of difficulty. You can also find 4 free ski routes for those seeking more action οr an adrenaline rush! The ideal destination for a winter trip!

Karpenissi offers large hotels, warm guest houses, nice food and a recently regenerated town centre ideal for walking. The marble paved Markos Botsaris Square with the enormous plane trees and the stone fountains is a landmark in the town, just like the historical temple of St. Triada dating from the 17th century. Get lost in the narrow streets, admire the stone houses with the roof tiles, enjoy your coffee or meze at a traditional cafe or a tavern and interact with the warm locals. The History & Cultural Centre of Evrytania is an interesting place in the heart of the town, housed in an impressive stone building. In its 6 rooms, you will discover the treasures of Evrytania and you will connect with the history and the culture of the entire area.

Discover the authentic Evrytanian land!

From the beautiful town of Karpenissi as your base, can discover the entire region of Evrytania, which features many beautiful villages and picturesque settelements within short distance from  the capital and very close with each other. The villages are full of sights, historical monuments and a nature of univalled beauty.

In the heart of Greece, Agrafa, the most mountainous area in Central Greece, is such an authentic area that feels almost intact and wins the visitor from the very first moment with the purity of its wild landscape. The abundant burbling waters look like crystal. Nature has artfully created this place to mesmerize those who behold it! You will discover traditional villages and settlements , mountains “hiding” myths, legends and history, rivers and foundatins, bridges , gorges, as well as historical, cultural and ecclesiastical sights, like castles and historical churches. The settlements and nature surrounding every part of Agrafa reflects a wild, yet authentic setting with a breathtaking view. Don’t miss a walk to the stone bridge of Agrafa, estimated to have been built in the 17th century and located in the foothills of Agrafa village.

Krentis village is a typical example of the villages in the area and is considered  the “Gate to Agrafa”. Get to know this traditional, authentic village, in a key location that will become your base to explore the village of Agrafa. The route is amazing and the panoramic views of the valley of Agrafiotis river is simply unequalled!

Visit the historical villge of Kefalovrysso, where the historical battle of the same name took place in 1823. The Greek victory was sadly overclouded by the death of Markos Botsaris.

Make a stop at the Folklore Museum of Megalo Chorio, the Museum of National Defense in Koryschades, Domnitsa, the early Christian temple of St. Leonidis from the 5th century at village Klafsi, where excavations revealed part of the mosaic floor.

Visit Tsagaralona near the traditional Fidakia village… You will find a place offering unique views of Lake Kremasta and the current Tatarna bridge. Visit the historical village of Palia Viniani where, among the deserted yet wonderful stone houses, you will be initiated into history, as the village had a very active participation into the years of National Defense, while it has also been the capital of the free Greek nation. In the village there is also the Museum of National Defense.

Southwest of Karpenisi is Aghia Vlacherna beach. Here, nature has done magic! The high rocks surround and isolate the beach, while the white pebbles make it different from the others… The beach is also in front of Trikeriotis river with the crystal clear waters! It is hard to resist and not dip into the great waters of the river!

A little outside Roska village, the renowed Panta Vrechi gorge, is nestled between Roska and Doliana. It is a trademark of Evrytania and a unique sight attracting a large number of visitors from Greece and abroad. It is fairly considered as one of the most beautiful gorges in the country. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is a true wonder of nature. There is a particular spot of the gorge, where the cold waters flowing from mount Kaliakouda and trying to connect with the water of Trikeriotis river flow into the springs on top of the gorge, creating waterfalls! However, due to the great height, the water flow is not constant, so that it falls like rain drops, in an impressive natural landscape, hence its truly weird and unusual name (it means “always raining”). Note: You can reach the gorge by car until one particular spot and then by river trekking.

Proussos is a village of exceptional historical, cultural and religious interest and amazing natural beauty. It is located at an altitude of 900 meters and is characterised by the monastery of Proussos, standing majestically, impressing and awe-inspiring inside a deep canyon. The Monastery of Panagia Proussiotissa is a pilgrimage site in the wider region with thousands of visitors swarming from every part of Greece to worship the icon of Virgin Mary and Luke the Evangelist. After the monastery, make a stop to Klidi location to take a photo! It is a particularly impressive picture.

Gastronomy tips


A plethora of tastes and products defines the area. Katiki is among the start products of the area, the delicious soft cheese, the homemade tarhana, the famous prosciutto, the exceptional honey, the berries and Cornelian cherries, chestnuts, walnuts and the great spoon sweets. Don’t miss to try the wild or farmed trouts from Lake Kremasta and Krikellopotamos. Definitely taste the mushrooms that are abundant in the region of Evrytania…At Voutyro Mushroom Museum, apart from exhibits and products, you can also attend seminars. Of course, the local cuisine has also beverages and spirits: the local Tsipouro and “Mouro” (an extract from blackberries reminiscent of Tsipouro), tea from Velouchi and many more brews.