Attali Cave, Evia

It is one of the biggest and most beautiful caves in Evia located within a gorge right outside Attali village in Central Evia. Due to the easy access, the cave is open to visitors. Make a stop to the cave to live a unique experience. Note: It has been observed that every year the cave is sunk by 1-2 cm for unknown reasons.

Purple Cave, Evia

Purple Cave, Evia

In Zarakes village in South Evia there is a unique natural gem; the “Purple Cave”, named after the purple seaweed on its submarine walls. The cave was explored for the first time just a few years ago. It was revealed that it has 2 underwater entrances and its bed is divided into two parts, the lake and the overland one. The overland is accessible by climbing. The maximum height from the surface is 25m and the lowest 20m, but there is a relatively easy access on the surface of the water that enables you to descend using a rope and swim in the lake that has the equal dimensions as the cave. Diving and is organized by fully equipped experts and speleologists as the cave is a place of great interest.

Mesokomi Cave, Evrytania

Mesokomi Cave is located in Mesokomi village in Evrytania and is a cave of great morphology, with major geological interest with great stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was discovered in 1961, it was assessed by speleologists and it is certain that the visitors will come into contact with a landscape of unrivalled beauty.

Martino Cave, Fthiotida

Although it is believed to count 15,000 years of existence, it was discovered as recently as in 2014! It is located in Lokrida at Fthiotida at the Hill of Prophet Elias and is a cave full of stalagmites and stalactites. However, many of its stalactites have broken, probably due to the great earthquake from 1894 that hit the area. It is an astonishing place with a depth of around 23 meters and is 17 meter long and around 13 meter wide, as estimated by speleologists and archaeologists