Hiking & Cycling Routes

National Park of Mount Parnassus

In the heart of Parnassus, at the borders of the regional units of Phocis and Boeotia, the National Park of Parnassus covers an area of 36km2 and was established in 1938. Besides the rich flora and fauna, visitors can also admire natural geomorphological formations of unique ecological and archaeological value, impressive waterfalls, crystal clear water springs, gorges covered in dense vegetation, and beautiful caves, while enjoying a variety of activities and the beauty of the Greek outdoors.

Mount Elikonas

Within short distance from Athens, Elikonas is one of the most beautiful mountains in Boeotia. Covered in lush fir and oak forests, it is a place of unrivalled beauty prominent all year round. The geomorphology of the mountain makes it ideal for activities in nature and therefore it has become a favourite destination for sports and adventure lovers. If you decide to set off on a hike, you will be rewarded with magnificent views along the trails.

Mount Dirfys

The majestic mount Dirfys is the highest mountain in Evia. Located in the heart of the island and set against the endless blue of the sea , it has an an altitude of 1,743m and features a rich flora and fauna in a natural scenery of unique beauty. The mountain is ideal for various activities, from a family trip to the Aesthetic Forest in Steni to hiking and climbing. You can enjoy cycling in the mountainous area, hike while enjoying the view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea on the one side and water springs and trees on the other side, walk along ascending trails in the forest and reach peaks and plateaus from where you can enjoy breath-taking views.

Mount Telethrio

Telethrio is one of the most beautiful mountains in Evia. Located in the north, it has an altitude of 970m. The ideal activity to enjoy in the area is hiking, because of the climate and the topography, and for this reason there is a network of many marked trails. Hiking on the trails of the mountain will be an unforgettable experience. Walking among dense forests, next to waterfalls and gorges, you will feel connected to nature and boost your energy.

Mount Velouchi

Within short distance from Karpenisi, Timfristosn, the fir-covered mountain (also known as “Velouchi”) has an altitude of 2,315m. It is surrounded by Agrafa to the north and Vardousia and Kaliakouda to the south. Even though this mountain is well-known for its ski resort, it is also ideal for many other activities, such as hiking and cycling. The different trails leading to the mountain peak are many and the view from the top of the mountain is the best reward for the hikers, who will be able to see the mountain range of Agrafa and the valley of Sperhios, maybe even Mount Olympus if the weather is clear. For the more active and adventurous visitors, in Velouchi there are more alternative and challenging trails.

Note:Apart from the trails in Velouhi, in Evrytania there are countless more trails that promise unforgettable experiences. There are international trails (parts of the E4 European long distance path), including trails leading to high peaks and shorter trails that cross gorges, forests and stone bridges. You can hike in Mavri Spilia, the trails of Tornos, the Bouzonikou gorge or the Panta Vrehi gorge, you can visit the Prousou monastery walking along a charming trail or hike from Ananiada to mount Kaliakouda.


Within 28km west from Karpenisi, the traditional village Helidona is built at an altitude of around 550-700m in the south foothills of mount Templa and the southwest foothills of Helidona mountain. This is where the rivers Karpenisiotis and Krikeliotis meet and the village, set in a lush landscape, seems like hanging above the river. A stunning mountain trail starts from Palio Mikro Horio and leads to the mountain peak. This is a popular trail of medium difficulty and well-marked. Another trail, much more difficult and not marked, is called “Kopsi ton Ailiadon” and starts from the small church of Aghios Sostis.


The “navel of the earth”, universally renowned Delphi is the ideal destination for the ones seeking to be introduced into the ancient history in an alternative way, combining their quest for history with hiking. In the area, you can choose among many different routes and trails that lead to the glorious historical archaeological site of Delphi. You can also go hiking or cycling in the picturesque narrow streets or walk on ancient trails, which are the ones also used by pilgrims visiting the oracle in antiquity. Reaching Delphi this way will be a unique, unforgettable experience.