Thermal Springs

Aidipsos ● Evia

Aidipsos is a town located in north Evia, under mount Telethrio. It is famous for its thermal springs since the ancient times and according to the mythology. Spa tourism was the first form of tourism developed in the ancient civilised world thanks to the thermal springs of Aidipsos, which are popular until this day and attract a plethora of visitors throughout the year. The waters of the springs, with rare composition in natural salts, will help you feel rejuvenated, fight stress, relax and be relieved from various health conditions. In the natural treasure of the renowned bathtown enjoy hydrotherapy centres, spa, mud baths and swimming, while the healing properties of the waters promise a unique sense of health, wellness and relaxation.

Gialtra● Evia

On the northwest coast of Evia, in the foothills of mount Xerosouvala, you will find the village of Gialtra, with the baths of the same name being its seaport.

Dranistas-Kaitsas● Fthiotida

Dranistas-Kaitsas thermal springs, also known as “Kaitsa Springs” operate since 1890 and are located in a marvellous lush landscape. The modern hydrotherapy centre nestled in the cool shade of the trees is the trademark of the area. The cold waters of the springs with their healing properties spout from the limestones. In addition, their use is recommended for patients suffering from arthropathies and neuropathies.

Thermopylae ● Fthiotida

Just 15km away from Lamia, Thermopylae, apart from its glorious and internationally renowned history, is also famous for the thermal springs operating since 1935. According to the mythology, Hephaestus asked from Athena to create them so that Hercules could rest there after every Labour. When you find yourself in the area, you will realise that the water temperature reaches 40 °C! The water heat and and the way it falls create a revitaslising feeling of relief. The waters of the springs are also beneficial for people with rheumatic diseases, kidney and gynaecological diseases.

Kallidromo Springs ● Fthiotida

Also known since the ancient years and the mythology, as it is believed that they were were a gift of Athena to Hercules, Kallidromo Springs have healing properties and are recommended for those suffering from skin diseases and rheumatic conditions, as well as those seeling to relax and feel revived by bathing at the pool created by the waters of Kallidromo Springs, with a temperature of 33 °C.

Kamena Vourla ● Fthiotida

A timeless tourist resort since the 1960s that became famous mostly for its thermal springs, the waters of which promise to offer beauty, wellness and therapy. Kamena Vourla, built between the mountain and the sea, on the slopes of mount Knimis (from the foothills of which spout the healing waters) were and still are a popular destination for spa tourism in Greece and abroad, as the springs became famous due to the rare water composition in natural minerals, salts and radon. They are recommended for the treatment of various diseases and their temperature ranges at 35°C.

The thermal spring of Aghios Konstantinos at Kamena Vourla in Molos, due to its temperature at 42°C and the water composition, is a mid-thermal, sodium-chloride spring appropriate for balneotherapy to heal diseases of the myoskeletal and nervous systems, as well as skin diseases. In a setting of a scenic natural landscape, you will feel revived, relaxed and you will take care of yourself and your health.

Koniaviti ● Fthiotida

Just 1km away from Kamena Vourla, parallel to the National Road, you will arrive at Koniaviti baths. They have a free access, consist of thermal springs ranging at 33°C, create three small pools and contain hydrosulphur, which makes them ideal for rheumtic diseases and respiratory conditions.

Kallyntika Springs ● Fthiotida

Between Kamena Vourla and the foothills of mount Knimi are Kallyntika Springs or Aphrodite Springs, as the waters contain colloid sulphur and are beneficial for the health and beauty of the skin! They consist of two small outdoor pools and one more that mixes sea and thermal water. The access is free and there is no organisational infrastructure. Except for luminous skin, it is recommended for diseases of the myoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular system.

Ypati ● Fthiotida

Just 19 km from Lamia, at an altitude of 400 meters and in the foothills of mount Oeta, are the healing springs of the famous Ypati bathtown. The springs were dedicated to goddess Apthrodite, therefore they are considered to offer the divine gifts of beauty and health. The waters of the spring are hypothermic, while their composition makes them suitable for the cure of diseases of the myoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular system as well as skin diseases.

Platystomo Thermal Springs ● Fthiotida

Ιn the Municipality of Makrakomi, at Platystomo, 35 km from Lamia, are two thermo-mineral springs (Thermi and Klouviou Springs) at an altitude of 420 meters. Archaeological studies showed that they were used even by the ancient Romans. The waters of the springs have the right composition so as to be healing. Thermi Spring is ideal for balneotherapy to cure myoskeletan diseases, conditions of the respiratory and nervous system, gynaecological as well as skin diseases. On the contrary, the waters of Klouviou springs are recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal and urinary system through positheapy.

Archani Thermal Spring ● Fthiotida

Near the Municipality of Makrakomi you will find the Archani Thermal Spring. The waters of the spring are brackish, mineral and intensely alkaline, therefore they are beneficial for conditions of the myoskeletal and nervous system, as well as skin diseases. Actually, there are four other springs of this type in the entire world; two in California, one in Oregon and one in Bosnia, so there are five springs in the worls the waters of which are recommended as healing.

Ekkara Thermal Spring ● Fthiotida

At Domokos you will find the Ekkara Thermal Spring. Just like the waters of Archani Spring, the waters of Ekkara are also hypothermic, mineral, intensely alkaline and slightly hydrosulphide. Therefore, they are recommended for diseases of the myoskeletan and nervous system, gynaecological conditions and skin diseases.

Kirra Thermal Springs ● Fokida

Right after the coastal village of Kirra, the natural extension of the waterfront of Itea, you will find the public thermal spring of Kirra with the brackish, cathartic and ferrous waters from four springs that form a river flowing into the sea. The waters of the spring are cold, mineral, alkaline, sodium-chloride, hence their healing properties, suitable for patients suffering from diseases of the myoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular system.