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Skyros is the largest and southernmost island in the North Sporades and an ideal summer and winter destination, the windswept corner (“Anemoessa”) of Central Greece! It is a mythical island of a mythical beauty, as Odysseus, Theseus and legendary Barbarossa left their marks on it! In the summer, the island steals the show with its natural beauties, beaches, nice food and elegant accommodation options, especially for those seeking peace and tranquility in their holidays.

In the winter, on the other hand, it shows its wild beauty, with the lush vegetation full of pine trees and its waters wavy due to the strong winter winds. Skyros stands out for its balanced combination of the beauty of the Cyclades with that of the Sporades, as its southern part is mountainous and picturesque, while its northern part is brimming with lush areas reaching the sea.

Among the must-visit locations of the island are Gialos, Achili, Vrachia, etc. Walk around its quaint alleys, swim at the wonderful beaches and see remarkable archaeological sites, like the Castle situated above Chora, which used to be the ancient citadel and seat of Nicomedes, the ancient King of the island. According to the myth, at “Andriotis Cave” location, Lycomedes killed Theseus, the King of Athens.

Skyros is an island of major religious and cultural interest, as you will find many Byzantine churches, like the temple of St. Georgios Skyrianos, dating back to the 10th century.

You can also visit the Museum of Manos Faltaits, one of the first local historical-folklore museums in Greece, which was created to preserve the local tradition and heritage and today it counts more than 5 decades of presence on the island!

The unique in the world Skyrian Horses are the stars of the island! Don’t miss the chance to see them! It is an ancient Greek horse species that looks like a pony and is one of the rarest ones in the world!

The Carnival is one of the most vibrant seasons in the island. Joyful feasts, dances, people dressed up and unique customs like the one with the old man (“Geros”) and the young girl (“Korela”). The custom probably comes from the Cult of Dionysus, and it dates back to the past centuries. It is definitely a very impressive event that takes place every year!

Don’t forget to try the renowned Lobster Pasta of Skyros! The island is famous for this dish, and this is not by chance!